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Thank you for your visiting SAKAMOTO ZOKI CO., LTD. (abbreviated as SAKAMOTO ZOKI from the following) web site and your interest in our products.
SAKAMOTO ZOKI comply with laws on personal data protection and administrate the below policies about handling personal information.

SAKAMOTO ZOKI understand that it is very important to protect your privacy and personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number) related to our customers, partners and affiliates adequately.
SAKAMOTO ZOKI establish the below fundamental policy, in order to understand our social responsibility, comply with laws on personal data protection and carry out our business activities.

  • 1. SAKAMOTO ZOKI specify utilization purpose as possible when acquiring your privacy and personal data legally and fairly.
  • 2. SAKAMOTO ZOKI utilize the acquired personal data in the limitation of our business activity range. In case of necessity to utilize personal data beyond the range, SAKAMOTO ZOKI will acquire your agreement on the utilization, except that the utilization is allowed by laws.
  • 3. In erlation to handling personal data, SAKAMOTO ZOKI post a management administrator and endeavor appropriate management, in order not to occur illegal access, loss, falsification, leakage etc. of personal data.
  • 4. SAKAMOTO ZOKI will not offer your personal data to a third party, except that SAKAMOTO ZOKI aquire your agreement or permission by laws. In case that SAKAMOTO ZOKI offer personal data to a third party, SAKAMOTO ZOKI oblige the third party to administer personal data by contracts and SAKAMOTO ZOKI endeavor prevention of leakage or re-offer from the third party.
  • 5. SAKAMOTO ZOKI promptly take measures against the personal data within rational range in case that you desire disclosure, correction, addition and deletion on your personal data.
  • 6. SAKAMOTO ZOKI comply with each law and regulation on personal data protection, revise and improve commitment on the above terms.
  • 7. SAKAMOTO ZOKI endeavor to build culture which each staff recognizes and carries out the importance of personal data protection policy by promoting full awareness and commitment of the policy among directors, employees (imcluding part-time employees and temporary staff) and related companies.

As a rule, SAKAMOTO ZOKI utilize your personal data for purpose of offering and improving our products, services and related information, and replying your questions only when SAKAMOTO ZOKI acquire your personal data. In case that SAKAMOTO ZOKI utilize your personal data except the above purpose, SAKAMOTO ZOKI inform you the purpose in advance when acquiring your data.

In relation to your personal data, you can ask SAKAMOTO ZOKI in case that you desire to disclose, correct and delete your personal data. SAKAMOTO ZOKI will take masures in your own data in order to prevent from leaking personal data, except for your statutory agent.

SAKAMOTO ZOKI web site uses cookies in a part of our web services. The purpose is to offer better services such as statistics processing of access information and SAKAMOTO ZOKI will not violate your privacy or PC environment. In no case SAKAMOTO ZOKI disclose your data under conditions that you are able to be identified individually.

SAKAMOTO ZOKI web site includes links to other companies’ web sites. SAKAMOTO ZOKI will not take any responsibility for personal data protection and contents on those web sites.



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